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Frequently Asked Questions

Please email us at or call us at 515-383-4675 if you cannot find the answer to your question. 

When are you open for the Holiday Season?
  • 2024 Opening Day: Saturday, Nov 23rd (9am-5pm) 

  • Business Hours:

    • Monday-Friday: 11am-5pm

    • Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm

    • Thanksgiving & Black Friday: 9am-5pm

What do you provide for my experience?
  • We provide bow saws to all customers that need them to help cut down their tree in the field. We also provide shaking, netting, and tying services. Customers can bring their own straps or tie downs if they would like, but we do provide heavy duty twine at no extra cost.

Do you have Pre-Cut Trees? 
  • Yes! We have a nice selection of pre-cut trees available for purchase in our pre-cut building. The majority of our pre-cut trees are either Fraser Fir or Canaan Fir and range from 5ft-15ft tall.

Are there restrooms available? 
  • Yes, there are portable restrooms available near our buildings.

Are Dogs allowed?
  • Absolutely, dogs are allowed with a leash. Customers with dogs are expected to clean up waste and be mindful of their pet interacting with other customers.

Do I get to cut my own tree?
  • Absolutely! Cutting down YOUR tree is all part of the experience at Strautman!

  • However, if you need assistance cutting down your tree, our staff is more than willing to help cut or help haul your tree to the netters & shakers! 

Can we Pre-Tag or tag a tree and come back a different day?
  • We do not offer pre-tagging services as we like to give every customer the whole farm to choose from when they visit our farm. With our large supply of trees, you should have no issue finding the perfect tree for your home.

Can I bring my own saw?
  • Customers are allowed to bring their own hand saws or chain saws. ***USE AT OWN RISK. STRAUTMAN IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PERSONAL INJURY FROM CUSTOMER'S PERSONAL EQUIPMENT***

Do you have Landscaping Services?
  • Check our Services page for more details

What else do you sell other than trees?
  • Other than trees, we sell wreaths, greenery, branch bundles, potted trees, tree stands, decor items, and anything else you may need for the Christmas season.

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